FAQs about the Holy Spirit - Part 2

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What does it mean to fully commit my life to the Lord?

That's way too deep for me to answer! But I can tell you what it is not. It is NOT resignation! Resignation has barred the Holy Spirit from more hearts than unbelief. God loves you. Can anything be such a crime against love as being resigned? How would you feel if your spouse was "resigned" to going out on a date with you? If begrudging resignation doesn't work with your spouse, what makes you think it will work with God? The Lord is looking for a willing bride, not one from an arranged marriage, and certainly not one who is kicking and screaming. The Lord is looking for those who will accept Him with eager anticipation and joy (2 Chr 16:9, John 14:15-21).

Do I have to confess and repent of my sins?

It is really greatly to your advantage to do so. Confession is a fast-track to greater intimacy with the Lord. We are all "sin-sick," and the gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit is part of God's "get well" plan. Do you want to get well?

What level of spiritual maturity must I attain before I can be Spirit-filled?

Re-read Galatians. You receive the Holy Spirit not by ACHIEVING, but by BELIEVING.

I'm afraid that the Holy Spirit will change me.

I'm afraid that you're right.

What will my friends and family say if I change?

They'll probably say, "It's about time!"

How much of my life will the Holy Spirit take control over?

How much are you willing to give Him?

Will the Holy Spirit want me to become a missionary?

He will probably want you to do even greater things such as
- Getting along with your spouse
- Keeping your mouth shut instead of making a snappy come-back
- Saying "I'm sorry" when you need to. And sometimes even when you don't.

If I get Spirit-filled, how full will I be?

How full do you want to be? You can bring a thimble, a bucket, or a bathtub.

Is the in-filling of the Holy Spirit a once-in-a-lifetime event?

Is dinner a once-in-a-lifetime event?

How long will my in-filling with the Holy Spirit last?

How long do you want it to last? Stick to His program, and the Holy Spirit will stick to you. Chase your own butterflies, and you will find yourself alone.

Will the Holy Spirit tell me what to say?

Nine times out of ten, He will tell you to keep quiet and hold your tongue!