Your children learn about love and forgiveness from your marriage. God

Bob 1 Cor 4:2 - He who has been given a trust must prove faithful.

Of all the things that God has entrusted to you, what is more precious than your children? Parents want to give their children a fine home, warm clothes, entertaining toys, proper nutrition, quality medical care, a good education, and healthy habits for living. But even more than these, we should strive to teach our children how to grow into emotionally healthy adults who are able to give and receive love. Just how important is this? The Holy Spirit put it to me this way,

You have not succeeded as a parent until you have taught your children about love and forgiveness. And the principal way you do this is through your marriage.

Children learn best by example, and God's wise plan is for you to BE that example in your marriage. During the formative years of their lives, your children are bathed 24/7 in the atmosphere of love and forgiveness that exists between you and your spouse . . . . or the lack thereof. That's good news to some and a wakeup call to others. The world says that you can succeed at being a parent even while you fail at being a spouse - as though the two were unrelated. And this belief becomes one of the justifications for walking out of the marriage when it becomes difficult. But if I am hearing right, the Lord says that being a good parent and being a good spouse are closely connected.

Dont' be concerned that your children won't listen to you. Be concerned that they are watching everything you do." Robert Fulgham