Excerpts from a prayer journal - Part 1

Bob GOD'S WARNINGS (Aug 3, 1989) He who is least in this world is great in my kingdom. I shall pluck up from all nations, mine, and they shall be called great. With my MIGHTY ARM, I shall pluck you up as grapes. BEHOLD, I COME as a thief in the night for what is mine. My chosen shall reign with me forever, My glory to behold! Come one, come all, beckon to my call. The lambs of this world shall be separated from the goats. Do not look on the riches of this world as great, for in my kingdom they are naught. Little children beckon to my calls. I call those I love and those who love me. I call to the lost. My voice shall not forever be heard. . . . . There is an appointed time when my still soft voice will be heard no more. Please be gathered among mine. I offer you all - you refuse to hear. I offer you beauty - you refuse to see. I offer you of the tree off life and you refuse to eat. How long must I wait? Little children, I mourn and grieve for you. My patience runneth nigh . Doubt not my word. Run into my arms so that they can shield you and hold you from the wicked ways of the world. My eyes behold the wicked - my tears fall for the abused and homeless. My own hear my voice and seek my refuge. In me they know they find shelter.

The DAY OF THE LORD is at hand. My pearls shall be plucked from the seas . . . . . my flocks from the fields. Know this, little ones . . . . I WAIT AND SEEK OUT MY OWN. My own know me and I know my own. Already I know whom they shall be. In their hearts I have put my seal of redemption. It shall be as a sign to me and to my Father. And though I speak softly, my sound is great like that of thousand trumpets in the eastern sky. My greatness and glory you shall behold as I come back for mine. In that day, shall all that belong to MY FATHER arise to be with me in my glory and in your glory . . . . . forever. Of my love and mercy there is NO END. Of my patience there will be an end. Doubt not the work that I can do in those that call on the name of the Lord. They will be changed and born anew just as for sure they will be changed when they meet me in the air. Little children, lean not on your own understanding, but reach for my hand through MY WORD and YOUR PRAYERS. I am among you, with you, and in you. Doubt not. You have naught to fear but fear itself, for there is NO FEAR in ME. Only love, peace, and joy. I offer it as a free gift of grace. I have already paid for it. It was purchased for you. Accept it while there is time. The things of this world you gladly buy for a price. Why do you not accept a free gift from above? I will fill your hearts with the joy of my everlasting love. Come unto me and I will ease and take away all your burdens. I am THE WAY, the TRUTH, and ALL LIGHT. There is no darkness in me. I am all wisdom and love. I am all sufficient for you. Partake of the bread of life. Partake of the river of everlasting water. I give it freely to mine. I BID YOU ALL TO COME