Excerpts from a prayer journal - Part 2

BobHEAVEN (Aug 4, 1989) In that day we shall eat of the fruit thereof. This hillside shall be filled with his fullness and the sheep shall be gathered from their flocks. Little children shall run with laughter and pick of the flowers of the field. My love runneth over and mine shall rejoice forever. Know this little children - the fields shall be ripe with the fruit thereof. The tree of life ever yielding. Light shall forever shine on your faces with my love. You shall cling to me and I to you - my glory to behold, for you have rendered your reward and reaped your harvest. They shall know that they belong to me. A seal shall be upon their forehead and such love will abound and shall never cease. Darkness shall be no more for I AM your light. Loved ones shall gather together in my sight beyond the river in that great city called NEW JERUSALEM. The fig tree shall put forth its leaves and we shall take thereof. Behold your reward is nigh for MINE. I have yet to draw from the lost whom my Father shall give unto me. I shall gather up my little ones and we shall dance with joy. Their cup runneth over with the joy of my love. The wine of sweetness shall flow as honey from the vine.

Lost memories shall be forever lost, as I give you of the new, of the dew of my sweetness. Loved ones shall leap for joy in the knowledge they held steadfast and true. Of their joy there shall be no end. (I prayed and asked God what I was to do with these words. He said, "They are gems for my children." I praised HIM and asked HIM to let me be worthy. He said you have been made worthy by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. You are to fill your book as the pages of life to be shared for mine and those yet to be mine. . . . For the flower cannot be picked if the stem knows it is not to be broken. I cannot pick of the flower until it has yielded to its master, for how is it to know it is to yield if it doesn't know my story . . . . . for my gardeners shall help me plant my vineyards, but first my gardeners must be taught of my ways and desires before they can serve me so that they can serve others. They know me and they already know whom they are. They shall help me reap in my harvest as I so instruct. I have already prepared mine to know and hear my voice, for does not a servant know the voice of his master? A loving master who calls you TO HEED MY WORD and go forth in BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE. I am with you always until the end of the world, but of my world there is NO END. I am raising up my own to do what it is I have set before them, and they shall know what it is that I have set before them that others may know of it also. Little one, doubt not your value, for there is no higher calling than to serve my Father for whom I am gathering up souls. Why must I reassure you continually? For you are as a stone that had gathered moss that I have cleaned up and shines new. Live in that light for it does shine for all to see.

THE LORD IS COMING BACK (Aug 7, 1989) (3:00 AM. I could hardly stay awake to write.) With my right arm, I shall come for mine, and they shall be gathered from many nations on earth. Old and new found alike shall gather and they shall cleave to me as a child cleaves to its mother. COME INTO THE FOLD. . . . . not forsaking those that had called upon me, or I had received. Believe it is time at hand to claim that which is mine and my Father's. I forsake you not. In my arms you will find the fruit of your delight. Time will be endless as we skip together through the fields of my joy. We are to become as one. As a child is with its mother/maker . . . . I made, I watched over, I called, I sought. They came and still come. As the geese who fly into the dawn, nevermore to be seen by the naked eye, as they gather into the fold, know ye not they have been called home? I shall heal the sick and defenseless and afflicted . . . .awaken the dead in the flick of an instant as the book of life unravels. Each one shall go to their rightful place and the great deceiver shall deceive no more of those I call mine.