Excerpts from a prayer journal - Part 3



ONE STEP AT A TIME (no date) I have led you one step at a time. You do nothing on your own. My eyes are upon you. My expectations are in you. I accept your weaknesses for I am changing them into my strengths for my purpose. You have knocked and I have beckoned to your call. I am the keeper of the house wherein are stored your treasures. I hold the keys to life everlasting, a life eternal, not temporal. Your cry to me was not a cry in the wilderness, but a cry so close to my heart as are all the cries of my children. For what father turns away from his own child? There comes a time for meat after the father establishes his child with the milk of His Word. I will help you maintain a steadfast spirit that you are to nurture with my word, fasting, prayers of thanksgiving . . . . never to put me aside. I am the first and the last. I am to be the tower of your strength. Your inner voice. Shepherd of all your paths. Teacher of all your doctrines. I am the giver of life. I am to be exalted as such. My glory shall be established in the hills as in the past. I am LORD OF ALL, above ALL, and IN ALL.

You think you have chosen me, but it is I who have chosen you. It is because of your desire to serve me that I can set your spirit free to do my will. Do not be afraid. My ways will become known to you by the Holy Spirit. You will be broken for my purpose. I know you love me and are trying to walk in my ways. I know at times you are unsure, but I will hearken unto your calls. The reason you hear my voice as you are sleeping is because you asked to become less of yourself and more like me. You asked for purpose of my will. I choose to mold you in the time I that chose. It is for me to know. My purpose does a work in you. I am the potter and I make no mistakes. Just as my word does not come back void, neither does anything that I set upon my heart. I will write my desires upon your heart and spirit and expect you to go forward in total trust and obedience because I am all wisdom and understanding.

From the start, I gave you love and compassion. I now magnify it. It is to be cherished, never to be taken for granted. There will come about because of your new found love for me a price to be paid. My ways are not easy. They do not always follow a crowd, but you never stood alone, even in church. I stood you up for a purpose, my purpose, because you hungered and surrendered to me, though you slipped away at times. You asked me to draw you back, but it was I who drew you back. Behold the Lamb is white and spotless and without blemish. My people will bow to me, for I am worthy to be praised. I made the heavens and all creation, and my glory shall be returned. I will write my ways upon the hearts of my own. My own know me, and I know mine. No longer will my voice not be heard. No longer will ears be deaf to my words. Eyes shall be opened to behold my glory. Then sin shall be devoured and trampled on as dogs for the LION OF JUDAH shall reign. The tempest of the storm shall be ceased and the LION shall be forevermore. My intent is that my HOLY POWER, my NAME, and GLORY shall be made manifest in the earth as in the past. The time for preparation is at hand. Do not doubt my word you have received. Do NOT doubt my HOLY SPIRIT power that works in you. No child of mine is insufficient in my eyes. You have believed and you shall receive. It must be a steadfast, obedient, and unwavering walk. Only I can lead and I can take away.

GREEN PASTURES (Feb 18, 2006) Though the land may be dry, barren, and parched, I will lead you through green pastures by still waters that have already flooded the dry lands and have penetrated and made ready the ground and soil far below the surface; so as to bring up flourishing flowers in full bloom even before their season . . . . I have prepared and made ready the ground to bring forth trees that shall bear fruit for the healing of many nations. For its leaves shall bring healing and health to all who partake of it. . . . For in it lies the very breath of life to sustain and strengthen your very souls and bodies. For I shall be among you and walk the hillside with you in the cool of the evening . . . . and in the mid-day hour. We shall commune and shall share love and laughter and sweet moments as I take your hand in mine, for I have your heart in mine. We shall make beautiful and meaningful memories to reflect upon in your moments of discouragement. . . . These memories will bring peace and joy to your very soul, knowing that I hold your hand in My hand and your heart in My Heart Always . . . . . for you are my child. I am your Heavenly Father who looks on and has you always on My Mind as the Apple of My Eye, as are all those who take pleasure in seeking MY FACE. You will always find ME for I AM ALWAYS THERE, waiting patiently for you to touch Me in worship and in prayer, so that I can TOUCH YOU AND HEAL YOU and bring peace, love, and joy to a thirsty and hungry soul. For I have already declared in MY WORD that those who hunger and thirst shall be filled.