Freedom in Christ - Joy


John 15:11 - These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

Jesus’ desire has always been for His children to live joyful lives. But His plan is different from the way of the world.

When we belong to the world, we are captive, trapped, helplessly stuck in a system whereby our happiness is controlled by our circumstances. But circumstances can change suddenly and without warning. The result is that life becomes a never-ending emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs. And in the pursuit of happiness, we wear ourselves out attempting to control our circumstances and the people around us - an impossible task!

When we belong to Jesus, we are not exempt from sorrow and pain. But Jesus frees us from the tyranny of circumstance. Sometimes He does this by changing our circumstances, as in a miraculous healing or a Providential intervention. But more frequently He does it a different way, by giving us a supernatural joy that is independent of our circumstances. And because this joy is anchored in Heaven rather than on Earth, no person or circumstance can take it away from us. What a wonderful gift!