Freedom in Christ - Love


John 15:17 (NIV) - "This is My command: love (agape) each other."

We have so much to learn about love! Have you ever asked God why we struggle so much in this area? If I'm hearing right, He says:

"It's not that it's so hard. It's that you're so weak. And the sooner you understand and admit it, the sooner you will come to Me for help."

As usual, God's viewpoint is so different from ours! I recall the moment when, after messing up for the Nth time, He softly spoke to my heart:

"It's time you tried it My way."

I think that all of us want to succeed at love - as spouse, parent, and friend. And I know it's popular for Christians to look for answers in the same places where the world looks. But do you really believe that the solution is communication, or love languages, or his needs and her needs, or anything else of the sort? Or is the solution to connect yourself more fully to the God from Whom all love flows?"

"You're not free to love until you learn to love My way."