Images/Daffodils.jpg I had been working the Harvest for a long time, and not without success. But overall the ROI (Return On Investment) was disappointing to me. Middle class Americans are so dazzled by materialism, the busyness of life, and their own ambitions that they have little room for Jesus. When I complained about this to the Lord, He asked me a simple question:

Why are you working where the wheat is green?

So I began to help with a prison ministry. At the same time I also began looking for opportunities abroad. For years I had dreamed of going on a foreign mission trip. So I prayed two years for an extra source of money. It came during an unlikely time at my company when employees were being sent home for lack of work. But I was given overtime to complete a high-priority job that only I had the skills to do. The overtime lasted only long enough to meet the need (naturally!). I gave part of this missions money to a missionary friend in need. Within a week the price of plane tickets went down and my immunizations turned out to be free. This savings equaled what I had given to my friend (naturally!). I was on my way to Taiwan!