Come Back to Life Holiday

Images/Daffodils.jpg Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen! (Luke 24:5-6, NIV)

Thanks to long-term relationships between local missionaries and the public schools in Taiwan - and also to several dedicated Christian teachers in the school system - our team of 10 volunteers was able to present the Easter story to 1500 junior high students. The Taiwanese call Easter the "Come Back to Life Holiday." But they know Easter only as a secular holiday. For the majority of these students, this was their first opportuntiy to hear the true story of Easter. I was continually sensitive to the fact that we were telling the children things contrary to what they had been taught by their parents and grandparents. Our presentation was interactive, full of props and hands-on demonstrations, and it utilized numerous volunteers from the class. We quickly learned who the "class clowns" were and put them to good use as our "stunt men." There was lots of fun and laughter. But we also left the children with something serious to think about.