The Only Thing of Value

"The only thing of value you have to share with anyone else is what I have done for you."

Let's talk. God

Bob If you have a genuine love relationship with the Lord, you will hear Him.

In the beginning I neither knew nor believed that God would speak to ordinary people. But He does! I am no different from anyone else. I wouldn't want my inner thought life to be projected onto the big screen for everyone to see, and neither would you. I desperately need a Savior and still need lots of cleaning up. So do you. But the Holy Spirit is given to us purely because of what Jesus did. We earn nothing by our own merits. God merely asks that we believe. Don't take my word for it; go back and re-read the book of Galatians.

I've been ridiculed with "What makes you think you're so special that God talks to you!?" People like this miss the whole point. Their focus is on me instead of upon God. Of course there's nothing special about me. It's God who is the special one! In Joel 2:28-32, God promised to pour out His Spirit upon ALL people - not just the important ones. And in Acts, Peter explained that this has come to pass. Because of what Jesus did, it is now the privilege of ALL God's children to hear Him . . . through His written Word, circumstances, people, dreams, visions, and rhema words spoken to their spirit. But how few take hold of this blessing!

CAUTION! God is not the only one who has access to your mind. Anything you hear that is contrary to Scripture, self-serving, or unloving is NOT of God. It's either an evil spirit, your own imagination, or acid reflux from the pepperoni and onion pizza you ate last night! The Holy Spirit will say things for . . .


Did you expect it to be easy?

Just do the little job in front of you. And you need to trust Me with your money.

It's not about a walk with other people. It's about a walk with Me.

Do you think these things happen by chance?

These prayers are just words. You're not speaking from your heart.

You spend sooooo much time trying to figure things out!

You try to please Me with your intelligence, when all I am looking for is love and obedience.

You keep trying to do it in your own strength, Bob - even your praying.

Look only to Me tonight. You haven't looked long enough, and you haven't looked deeply enough.

The day you stop obeying Me is the day you stop hearing from Me.

It's good for you to be humbled.

Only love can kill the self-life within you, because you need to love something more than yourself.

No child of Mine leads an insignificant life. If you live an insignificant life, it is only by your own choice.

These things would have no power to strike fear into your heart, if your only desire was for Me.

You don't need more knowledge. You need revelation.

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be corrected by another person?

No matter how trifling or inconsequential it may seem, you must not entertain evil in your heart for even a moment, for the changes it makes in your character are swift and deadly.

Just trust and know and love Me ever more and more. Understand the magnitude of what I have given you, especially your salvation, and things will fall into their proper places.

No anxious striving. Only the patient and confident bearing of fruit as you work on your appointed tasks.

Speak the truth in love . . . but just a little bit at a time!

God will entrust you with as much of the Kingdom as you are willing to accept.

You will never lack for work as long as you work for God.

Never pass up the opportunity to drop encouragement into the lives of others.

If you don't live it out, no one will believe you, because living it out is the only test of truth.

If your only motive was to serve God, you wouldn't be upset.

I'm not the one pushing you.

You've handled a little speed bump. Now let's see if you can handle something a bit bigger.

If you insist upon understanding everything before you can embrace it, that will be very limiting.

You can't allow yourself to be beaten down.

Lighten up!


For someone surprised by a bad situation

This caught you off guard and took you by surprise. But it didn't surprise God. He knew it was going to happen from the start. And long before it ever happened, He was already busy working on the solution.

For someone discouraged with their ministry

I have purposed that My joy shall dwell in you richly, to bless you and that through it you may lead others to Me. My kingdom in a JOYFUL kingdom, and my followers must reflect this joy to all those they meet.

For someone who had been sick for so long that they had given up all hope of getting well.

He needs to get a new vision of himself (i.e. as a physically healthy young man) . . . . And so do you! (i.e. in regard to inner healing)

About someone with a controlling spirit.

And then there are those who think that it's their business to correct others.

For someone in drug rehab

I have heard your prayers. I have heard your cries. I love you. I will be with you. I will take you through this thing.

For someone repeatedly blindsided by the same strategy of the enemy

If you don't deal with it now, he'll (the devil) use it against you again and again, with great effect, and in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

For a teen dealing with a miscarriage

She has not taken time to grieve for her child.

For someone who had just received a deliverance from mental illness

If you don't know how to keep your deliverance, it will be taken from you (by the enemy).

For someone undergoing a crisis of faith

If his faith is being shaken, it's because he based it upon things that CAN be shaken.

For someone who lost his marriage and job and began drinking

Tell ____, I want him to know how much I love him.

For someone content to be just a "nominal Christian"

When are you going to bloom?

For a woman who blamed her husband for the failure of their marriage

But ______ , don't you see that you're just doing this to yourself!

For someone using public success to cover up private failure

You're out of harmony and you're out of balance, because you've been directing your own footsteps instead of letting God direct them for you.

For a wife getting ready to leave her husband

You're so focused on who ____ WAS that you can't see who he IS. You stayed with him for all those years when he was dirty. Why do you want to leave now that I've cleaned him up?

For a wife who had withdrawn from her marriage into an "in-house divorce"

______ can't see that God has already provided her with everything she needs to be content and fulfilled in her marriage.

For a teen whose parent refused to allow them to be baptized

Anything that stands between you and your baptism is not of God.

For a young man with a troubled childhood

I am the Father who has walked beside you every step of the way, even before you knew Me, because I love you. Walk in that Father-love! When you were less than nothing, it was I who placed My hand upon you and raised you up, that you might serve Me. Do not doubt My love, and do not doubt My power. What I have begun in you, that will I finish.

For a teen tempted by the ways of the world

Tell _____________ to hold fast to what she has!

For someone repeating a generational sin

If you can figure out why your brother walked out of his marriage, then you can figure out why you walked out of yours.

Your Church

My great desire is to bless you in all things.

How sad to see My children living in poverty because they are unaware of the riches of My Gifts!

The Vision (for our church) will not come to pass until we expand our idea of who a church is and what it does.

This is a door into My Kingdom. Make it as wide as you can!

If your not secure in the foundations of your faith, he'll (the devil) trip you up at every turn.

The children aren't looking for programs. They're looking for love.

These are the men that I have chosen.

He'll give it (the land next to our church) to you when you're ready for it.

Everyone in our church will be blessed by what is going to happen. But some will be blessed only from a distance, because they are not willing to do what is necessary to take part in what is going to happen.

You read My Word, but you won't let it change you.

The open door into people's lives is through their children.

You can't share the abundant life with anyone until you are first experiencing it for yourselves.

If only My children were as quick to seek My mercy as they are to ask for My blessings!

Your World

People want me in their life for salvation and blessing. But they don't want me in their life for change. They resist change and growth.

God can speak only to a thankful heart.

There are many ways to fail, but there is only one way to succeed. And that is to obey.

God uses everything you give to Him. So give generously, that you might be blessed generously.

They have forgotten that I am their supply.

God is looking for people who can't be intimidated . . . because if you can be intimidated, you will be.

Not everyone who speaks speaks for Me.