The promise is for you and your children. God


Luke 11:13 - How much more will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask.

During praise and worship at a service lead by Heidi Baker, longtime missionary to Mozambique, the Lord spoke to my heart.

I'm giving you eyes to see more as I see - everybody precious, every moment holy.

God continually reminds me to seek Him in the little things. I began to understand this more deeply after the loss of my daughter Luanna.

"I want to be a beautiful flower for You, Lord. Nothing big or showy. I'm willing to be the smallest of the small, just as long as I can have a heart attuned to Yours. You abound in the small and weak, in seemingly unimportant people and ordinary moments. So that is where I want to be. " The smallest flower I could think of was the springtime bluet, barely a few millimeters in size. "I want to be a bluet in Your Kingdom.

What would spring be without the bluets?