The Only Thing of Value

"The only thing of value you have to share with anyone else is what I have done for you."

I want you to know how much I love you! God


(Jan 2000) I was reading John 15 early in the morning as the golden-yellow sun was rising over the lake. What a lovely place and a peaceful time to be reading God's Word! I stopped to marvel at the passage where Jesus tells his disciples (John 15:9)

As the Father has loved me . . .

Can anyone possibly imagine how much the Father loved Jesus? What a HUGE love that must have been! After savoring that thought for a moment, I read the rest of the verse

so have I loved you.

I was stunned by these words! Was Jesus speaking to me? Does Jesus really love me with the same HUGE love that the Father lavished on Him? That is what the Bible says. But maybe I'm not understanding it corrrectly. In this passage Jesus is speaking to His disciples. So I inwardly asked, "Is this meant just for the disciples, or does it apply to me too?"

John159.jpg To settle all doubts, a quiet miracle was performed on the page of my Bible. "so have I loved you." These five words were illuminated by a warm yellow light . . . . and they floated several millimeters off the page! As I stared at the words I inwardly said, "You really want me to know this, don't You?" After a minute or two, I turned the page and finished the chapter. When I turned back to the previous page, the illuminated words were still floating above the page. Finally it was time to eat breakfast with my friends, so I softly closed my Bible and walked out the door.

I will remember this lovely little miracle for as long as I live, and maybe for all eternity! But the point of the story is not how much Jesus loves me. The point is for you to understand how much He loves YOU!