The Only Thing of Value

"The only thing of value you have to share with anyone else is what I have done for you."

Question & Answer

Bob If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. (James 1:5-6 NIV)

If God has already made something plain in His Word, I consider the matter to be settled. But when I honestly can't figure out what to do, God will tell me what I need to know. As He once told my acquaintance (Will Hardy)

Why don't My children ask? Don't they know that I have the answer to every question in the world?

Q: Why doesn't Jesus make a bigger difference in people's lives?

A: People want me in their life for salvation and blessing, but they don't want Me in their life for change. They resist change and growth.

Q: Can I really trust you to take care of Luanna?

A: I took care of David, didn't I?

Q: Why do they settle for a distant relationship with God? Why aren't they interested in drawing closer to You?

A: It's not that they're not interested. It's that they're afraid. Because every time you take a step closer to God, there's always something in your life that you have to change or let go of.

Q: My wife has been on the computer all week while I've been working a job, and the house is a wreck! What am I to do?

A: You clean it.

Q: I want to live under Your mercy and grace and forgiveness.

A: Then you need to extend it to others.

Q: Nobody notices. Nobody sees.

A: But I see it.

Q: Should I give him a second chance?

A: God gave you a second chance!

Q: I feel trapped.

A: You haven't taken hold of the freedom I have given you.

Q: Are you going to send our pastor a rest?

A: No. More strength.

Q: How can I make my daughter understand that she is NOT a failure?

A: When it comes to success and failure, I alone set the standard. I insist upon this!

Q: I feel like such a failure!

A: Apart from Me, everyone is a failure. But you are not apart from Me.

Q: Will the Revival begin among the poor?

A: They're the only ones who have time for Me.

Q: You do miracles. So why am I still stuck in the mud?

A: That you are as far as you are IS the miracle!

Q: Why can't people see Jesus as the solution to their problems?

A: The world has never recognized Me.

Q: How can I be happy?

A: It's a matter of focus.

Q: Why is it, every time I step out in faith for You, the enemy hits me in my relationships?

A: Because God loves them so much.

Q: Why didn't You tell me sooner?

A: Because you weren't ready to listen.

Q: I have no more patience left!

A: I do. I take the long view.

Q: I'm weary.

A: You can't let yourself be beat down!

Q: I guess instead of complaining, I ought to be praising You for all that You're doing.

A: That's right!

Q: I need my joy back.

A: The joy will come as you do My work.

Q: I got such a late start in my walk with You. I'm so far behind, I will never catch up.

A: Just be in the game, Bob. It isn't a race.

Q: You give Eugene (my Spirit-filled friend) favor with so many people, so he can talk with them.

A: That's because he has so much to give.

Q: I don't think she is ready for this.

A: Let Me be the judge of that.

Q: My home is dark.

A: You be the one to carry My light into this place.

Q: Why such indifference to You? Why such cold hearts?

A: It's not that they don't understand. It's that they don't want to understand.

Q: Why do people give themselves such high marks for obeying Your Word, when really they are not?

A: It's because they're living according to their own interpretation of these things, not Mine.

Q: What about all the Christians who have no real agape love, no real ability to forgive?

A: Did you receive these things when you first believed?

Q: What's the deal with all these people who get saved but refuse to get baptized?

A: These are the people who want Me on their own terms. They want Me as Savior but not as Lord.

Q: My daughter's life is so bleak and her problems so big. What can she rejoice over?

A: That we have so great a Help!

Q: Should I take this matter to a professional counselor?

A: Is there a problem with (taking it to) Me?

Q: Why are they content to be mere "Cultural Christians?"

A: They have as much of Me as they want.

Q: Lord, there is such ignorance among your people!

A: Your biggest problem isn't ignorance. It's deception.

Q: Why can't we live on a higher level?

A: It's not that you're unable. It's that you're unwilling.

Q: I'm content to do menial work.

A: No assignment from God is menial.

Q: I don't want to grow old!

A: What? You don't want to grow closer to My Kingdom?

Q: The trouble with us is, we don't really know the condition of our souls.

A: You would if you read My Word.

Q: I start out good, but then I rely upon myself.

A: That's where you lose it.

Q: How much of this is OK to hold onto?

A: If there's any doubt or question in your mind, get rid of it.

Q: Why don't we get free from our besetting sins and generational curses?

A: Because you're doing what you want to do.

Q: Should I attend this meeting?

A: That's not the journey I have you on.

Q: She's going through everything I went through, but at half the age!

A: That's because she'll go twice as far.

Q: Why can't my family see You in me?

A: The world sees only what it wants to see.

Q: What am I to do about the "religious" people in my church who keep getting in the way?

A: Don't go through them. Go around them.

Q: How can such preposterous ideas come out of a respected place like Fuller Theological Seminary?

A: There are many here who do not know Me.

Q: This is a great book for teens! Who can I give it to?

A: Why not your own son?

Q: I will never find true happiness and satisfaction until I am where You want me to be, serving You.

A: And it all begins by serving right where you are!

Q: I'm losing patience with them.

A: God was patient with you!

Q: Her mom won't allow her to be baptized. What can I say to her?

A: Anything that comes between you and your baptism is not of God.