The Only Thing of Value

"The only thing of value you have to share with anyone else is what I have done for you."

Never mind them. What about you? God

2 Chron 7: 14 - If my people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from all their wicked ways . . .

Bob (National Day of Prayer, May 2010) It's not all America that You're calling to repentance on this day. America will never repent. America hardly even knows who You are. No. You're calling Your people to repent. You're calling me to repent. When my heart is right, all the actions and words that come out are right. And if not, then not. The heart! Who knows what's really in their own heart? The trouble with us is, we don't really know the condition of our own hearts.

You would if you read My Word.

We have plans and aspirations and hopes for our homes and gardens and personal affairs, but give little thought to our souls or character. About these we are haphazard and careless.

The world has never recognized the true value of things.

Our actions and lives condemn us. But we're not without hope. The blood of Jesus is just as fresh and effective now as then, 2000 years ago. . . . . I'm disappointed and saddened. You don't seem to be very popular today.

Since when was I ever popular? For the most part, people followed Me for what they could get from Me, not for what I offered them. Never mind them. What about you?

What about me? I'm not sure. I know that You are looking for people who will genuinely love You . . . for who You are, not for what You can do for them. Anything less than this is merely self-interest masquerading as love. At one time that's how I treated You. The memory of it is bitter to my soul. I've failed You so many times that I don't want to make any more promises to You. But I can tell You what You're longing to hear: You are the love of my life!