Luanna was the 6th of ten children in our family. Her name means "graceful warrior." She was homeschooled and grew up in church. Luanna was quiet and observant. But she also had joy and energy. Luanna could be a tomboy one moment, then dress up in frilly pink the next. Although petite, she played on the boys' soccer team because the girls were not competitive enough.

It was Luanna's nature to think things through for herself and then hold fast to her convictions. She was generally pleasant and agreeable. But she was willing to confront if she felt that the truth was at stake or that something was unjust.

Luanna was never petty. She forgave quickly and did not hold grudges. She was a gifted conversationalist and writer. Luanna was awarded a scholarship to Lee University and graduated with honors in 2008. She married Andrew Parratt after graduation and had two step-children.