A life-changing encounter with God


But we have this treasure in jars of clay (2 Cor 4:7, NIV)

(spring 2005) I received an unforgettable phone call from Luanna when she was a freshman at college. "Dad," she began, "I called to let you know that I have the Holy Spirit. I know I have Him. I did what you said, and it worked."

I had explained to her what little I knew, shared my testimony, and gave her a copy of Catherine Marshall's excellent book "The Helper." Luanna took God at His word and discovered the Holy Spirit for herself. I could hardly contain my joy at her wonderful news! Luanna went on to say that she had kept quiet about her delightful discovery for a number of weeks, just to make sure it was permanent. It made such a difference that the girls in her college dorm began asking her why she was always so happy and cheerful.

"If you would like to know why," she would reply, "come and I will tell you about it." Luanna expressed her eagerness to share with others and also her amazement that such a delightful thing was not more widely known among Christians.