Look up!


Luanna's grave is in a beautiful country cemetery with a eastern view to the mountains and the rising sun. I visit at the start of each new day. At first all I could do was stare down at the bare dirt. But day after day I kept hearing the same thing in my spirit.

Look up!

So as the days passed, I began to notice . . . 
	 graceful colors in the sky at dawn
           birds singing 
               new grass covering the bare soil of the grave
                   the Moon and stars riding on the clouds
                       the golden rim of the rising sun 
                          dewdrops lighting up like Christmas
                             the love of God holding me close

I appreciated Luanna while I had her. We shopped and talked and hiked and canoed and prayed together. We watched old movies and sunsets and flocks of egrets flying low over the lake. We did the Beth Moore Bible studies together and went to World Outreach Church on Saturday nights. How good to be able to help and comfort Luanna in her time of need!

"She was so beautiful Lord!"

I made her beauty.