Not one was wasted


2 Pet 1:10 (NIV) . . . make your calling and election sure.

Luanna's trust in God had been eroded by "Cultural Christianity." But during the year that she spent at home, she attended World Outreach Church with me on Saturday evenings. This gave her an opportunity to see the True Church. Was this restoring her trust in God?

Shortly before she died, Luanna told me politely but firmly that God was no longer an item for discussion. She wanted to reach her own conclusions. All I could do was pray. Several weeks later she called me on the phone and cut straight to the heart of the matter.

"I realized that my problem wasn't with God. It was with what people said about Him."

By the time she died, Luanna's faith was firmly her own, not a second-hand faith based upon other people's opinions. And what of all the good "seeds" sown during our year at World Outreach Church? Did they help her ? Or were they sown too late? The Lord removed all doubt when He said,

"Not one was wasted."